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Yakuake - the coolest console I've ever seen

Yakoake is just a console but there is something different, it comes from nowhere just by pressing a key. Usually by default the key is F12. However you can change this and customize the shortcuts of it anytime you need. I've been using Yakoake for few years already and I got used to it so much that when I'm on windows with putty I'm pressing F12 multiple times wondering why this thing is not getting hidden :) I do like the Yakoake and that's why I decided to write this short review about it.

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Taking Ubuntu 9.04 Out For A Spin

Earlier this week, I previewed Kubuntu 9.04, so I thought it would be a logical next step to preview Ubuntu 9.04 as well. When I took a look at the upcoming version of Kubuntu, I found that nothing major had changed (so far) other than the amazing speed improvements and the inclusion of the EXT4 file system as well as KDE 4.2 and all of the improvements it brought to the table. Now, let?s take a look at the upcoming version of Ubuntu, code named ?Jaunty Jackalope? so we can get a taste of what to expect come April.

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Free open source forum systems - quick review

Here is a brief list of the most popular open source forum systems available.Each one of them has its' own pros and cons of course so you should decide which one to use yourself.All I am going to do is write a short review for each one.For detailed information or specific questions you will have to visit their developers' official websites.Here we go:

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