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Linux Kernel 2.6.32 released


Linux 2.6.32 has been released on December 3rd 2009.

List of the major changes done to each Linux kernel release. Other places to get news about the Linux kernel are LWN kernel status, LWN list of API changes in 2.6, KernelPodcast or List of changes of older releases can be found at Linux26Changes. If you're going to add something here look first at LinuxChangesRules.


Official website:


Do not upgrade PHP to version 5.3.0!


If you are planing PHP upgrade on your server have in mind that the 5.3.0 version has a bug which was fixed in 5.3.1. If your websites requires register_globals set to On you will have troubles. If there is no php 5.3.1 package available in your distribution repositority try to find it elsewhere or wait a while until it's compiled for your distro.

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OSGuides in Twitter and Facebook!

OSG News

Since today has Twitter and Facebook.

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FreeBSD 8.0 is out!


The final version 8.0 of FreeBSD is out.

Some new stuff:

New USB stack - HPS

DTrace is completely adapted to work with FreeBSD

Xen Dom-U and Sun VirtualBox are now supported

NFS 3/4 can work with Kerberos and ACL 8.1

FreeBSD 8.0 supports the following architectures: PPC G5, Power 3/4, UltraSparc III, support for ARM/XScale is similar.


The new version can be downloaded here: Click me!


We are back with a new style!

OSG News

Unfortunately the last year was really hard for us in developing the website so it became a bit outdated :( However this is something we love to do so with new power we are begining the work on it again and in few months it should become up to date open source portal. At the moment there are many things we have to do and implement. Probably many of the pages have issues so we will be glad if you share any bug you find on the The work continues and we hope you like the new style. You can press Read More to check on the changes we made and we are going to make in future.


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