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Large Installation System Administration Conf, November 16, 2009, Baltimore,MD


Join us in Baltimore, MD, November 16, 2009, for the most in-depth, practical system administration training available.
The Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA) has been the premier system administration conference for over 20 years. It offers an unparalled opportunity to meet and mingle with the leaders of the system administration industry. The goal of this conference is to provide attendees with the practical information they need to succeed in their jobs. Information is arranged in a "learn it today?use it tomorrow" format.

The theme for LISA '09 is "Putting Theory into Practice."

The 6-day event offers training by industry leaders; invited talks; the latest research through refereed papers, Work-in-Progress Reports (WiPs), posters, and workshops; answers to your toughest questions; and that all-important face-to-face time with experts in the community.

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Open Source World, August 10 - 13 2009, San Francisco, CA


OpenSource World? Conference & Expo is the largest and most comprehensive event that focuses on open source software and all things Linux. An expansion of LinuxWorld Conference & Expo?, OpenSource World brings together IT professionals exploring open source solutions for their enterprise with hundreds of products demonstrated in real-time on the interactive trade show floor. OpenSource World is the largest single gathering of business and technical leaders deploying Linux and open source solutions.

The OpenSource World conference presents the latest Linux and open source ideas in a very technical context by industry experts and innovators. Topics include Virtualization, Security, Desktop, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Application Development and Legal & Licensing Issues.

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Countdown to the Unix Epoch time being 1234567890


In less than 12 hours the Unix Epoch time will be exactly 1234567890

This site does the countdown -

Unix time?


Student detained for using Linux


This is not "breaking news" and probably some of you have already read about it but here is what I've stumbled upon recently - US teacher detains student for using Linux

All I have to say is I really hope this is an individual case (although I will not be surprised if it is not , especially in the US).

The original blog post

@ Slashdot + a followup


Quick package search in Debian/Ubuntu/etc.


Here is a simple command for searching for "ruby" in the Tag: fields in Debian's package lists:

# egrep -hr '^(Package:|Tag:.+ruby)' /var/lib/apt/lists|grep -B1 ^Tag|grep ^Package|cut -d\ -f2-|tr \\n \||xargs -I{} echo apt-cache --names-only search ^\({}\)\$|sort|less

Cool , huh :)
Read the whole thing @

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